Sunday Learning – my history

Cuba is near and dear to my heart. I often say that I was born with Cuban blood on American soil because, indeed, I would have been born on La Perla de las Antillas had it not been for my family’s exodus. When I was younger, I dubbed myself Cubanito, a nickname that stuck among certain friend circles, and a name that still resonates with me. The history of the island and my family have always been of keen interest to me and I hope to one day write a book of short stories, essays, poems, and other forms of expression in order to capture my feelings. This book concept has been floating around in my mind for years, and I think the inspiration is ripe for action.

So now, naturally, I’m in research mode.

I wanted to learn a little bit about El Malecón. Before performing a quick search, I thought about what I already knew about it.

El Malecón is Cuba’s famous seaside avenue, first named Avenida del Golfo, and now named Avenida de Maceo. It runs for 5 miles along the northern coast of Havana and is a popular destination for locals, especially those with less means, as a way to seek out entertainment and as a popular fishing spot. One website referred to it as an “outdoor lounge” of sorts, which fits the image I’ve always envisioned. Wikipedia yielded some additional information, most importantly a link to a Spanish-language encyclopedia source that I found even more illuminating: Malecón Habanero , via Ecu Red. I’ll be investigating this source more in the coming months as I continue my research.

Quick bit: for those using PCs, click here to access symbol codes. I can remember Alt + 164 (on the number pad) for obvious reasons, but the rest seem to slip away.


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