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Sunday Learning

Today I learned about something fascinating, and was reminded about someone extraordinary.

A patron at the library came to me and told me about his father, Leo Leoncio Rojas Cruzat, who was a famous cartoonist in Chile. The conversation began with him asking me about devices that had access to Photoshop, and continued with his telling me about the project he was working on – digitizing a book his father had begun, preserving the history of an illustrious career. He showed me a photo of his father Walt Disney, who had apparently traveled to Santiago to meet Leo, as well as a digitized version of the signatures of the Alianza de Dibujantes de Chile (The Alliance of Chilean Cartoonists), that included Mr. Disney’s signature. According to his son, Mr. Rojas Cruzat’s work was apolitical, and free of any sort of discrimination, and could be read by anyone, regardless of their age. His son’s plan is to digitize his father’s work, and so his goal was to use Photoshop to touch up the portions of his father’s archives to which time has not been kind. I sincerely hope he is able to publish this work, and will periodically check online to see when this testament to a creative legacy can be appreciated by everyone.

Today’s Google Doodle featured a beautiful illustration commemorating what would have been the 122nd birthday of María Rebecca Latigo de Hernández. The name rung a bell for me, and with good reason – the Mexican Civil Rights Activist was an outspoken champion of equality, dedicating her life to end school segregation and to ensuring that Mexicans knew their rights. The timing of this dedication is perfect, especially in light of the crisis facing many immigrants today. Who will succeed in her legacy as a powerful orator and a voice for the voiceless?

What interesting things have you learned about recently? What ideas have fascinated you? Share them in the comments.